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how to talk aboutyour child's day

How many of your kids suddenly have amnesia at the end of the day when you ask how their day went? *raises hand* I remember when Grayson started Kindergarten last year and I was so excited for him to get off the bus and tell me all about his day. I couldn’t wait to hear about all his new friends, his favorite centers, what he ate for lunch, and how much he learned. Excitedly, I asked him “How was your day buddy?! What did you do today?”

“I don’t remember, Mommy.”

“What?! How can you not remember ANYTHING you did today?”

“I don’t know Mommy, OK!”

And that, my friends, is exactly how the conversation went in Kindergarten, every single day. Here we are in First Grade and the story is the same. I chat with some of my other mom friends and they have the same issue. I’m not sure if the kiddos are just sick of talking at the end of the day, or maybe they really can’t remember.

I suspect it’s something else, though. I think their little brains just need prompting more specifically. Asking too broad of a question can result in a blank out. So, what’s the solution? I had an idea and I tried it out for this post. Guess what? It worked! I decided to make a printable sheet asking specific questions.

Grayson loves to write and answer questions. This “worksheet” became an awesome interactive way to talk about our days. I fill out one too! Then, we share with each other.

Download Free Printable HERE







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