How To Unplug And Get Away From The City At Getaway House Atlanta

When Getaway reached out and wanted me to check out their new outpost in the South (outside of Atlanta), it was perfect timing. Tyler and I were hoping for a night or two away from the kids to celebrate our wedding anniversary, which happened to fall on the same weekend we were to visit. Not only that, but camping and hiking was our thing when we first started dating and had (WAY MORE) time alone, so it seemed like the best way to celebrate us.

If you haven’t heard, Getaway is a company that is placing “outposts” of tiny house/cabins outside of big cities for the ultimate weekend to unplug and abandon the city for a night (or five).

We drove for a little over an hour until we arrived in the mountains of North Georgia, in Suches to be exact, to begin our retreat at Getaway House Atlanta. The day of check-in, you are given the exact address and the code to get into your Getaway House. It really felt like we were driving to nowhere until we all of a sudden came upon the outpost. We saw several small modern cabins parked neatly in their designated spots. They were flanked with a picnic table, a fire pit, chairs for relaxing, and a chest full of fire supplies.

Inside, we found the coziest most adorable space I’ve ever been in. The bathroom was nicer than most hotel bathrooms I’ve been in, complete with an adorable shower and full sized toiletries. The bathroom door is lined with cedar, which I thought was a brilliant way to reduce odor in close quarters.

The kitchenette is equipped with everything you could possibly need to cook, including provisions for purchase. There are burners, a sink, and a mini fridge. (Cutest retro mini fridge ever, by the way.) Heat and AC is available for any temperature North Georgia wants to throw at you.

The tiny branded details were my favorite part. The Getaway Guide had everything from conversation starters to journal pages. There was a book title “How To Get Away” written by the founders of the company. There was a local guide to nearby hikes and outdoor landmarks, should you have time to explore. (It was raining most of the time we were there, but we are totally hiking next time.) Lastly, there were more books and games on the shelf next to the bed. They spared no details; I was highly impressed.

If you think you will run out of things to do in a cabin in the woods, I beg to differ. They thought of everything.

Yep, that’s a cellphone lockbox. Since we were without all of our kids, we didn’t TOTALLY unplug, but I do LOVE this concept. I have been dying to plan a time to go to Getaway House ALONE to simply write and be creative.

I cannot recommend Getaway enough as a perfect retreat. They also have a style of cabin that has two queen beds- bunk style. This would be perfect for a small family, pair of couples, or group of girlfriends. I honestly cannot wait to go back. Currently, Getaway Outposts are outside Boston in Epsom, NH, DC- which is a short distance from Shenandoah National Park in Stanardsville, VA, New York is in the beautiful woods of Catskill, NY, and Atlanta is in Suches, Georgia. They have Outposts coming soon to just outside Los Angeles, Portland, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Dallas.

If you’re as blow away as I was- use the code KATIE25 for $25 off of your first booking.

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