How To Turn “Screen Time” Into Family Time

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Is it just me, or does screen time get a bad rap? In the land of social media and parenting wars, it seems like the very topic of devices and the how they are used can be very controversial. I have to say, we are a “screen friendly” home. No, I don’t let screens parent my kids (all the time, anyway… half kidding…). However, I do believe that all screen time isn’t negative and it certainly isn’t synonymous with bad parenting.

In our modern/technological world, it’s almost impossible to expect a child to have zero screen time. Not only that, but I personally believe it’s important for them to learn technological skills and literacy as opposed to avoiding devices altogether. Naturally, the way a device is used is what truly matters. If you unpack the device debate, it’s more about time. How are we allowing our kids to spend alone time? How are we spending time with them?

We tend to complicate parenting. I always realize that I am making it too complicated when I suggest some kind of extravagant activity and I am met with a crazy look from my second grader and a counter offer of something considerably more basic. One thing I have learned after being a busy mom of three for awhile, is that they really don’t need much. They don’t need Pinterest projects, beach vacations, or theme parks. They just need you.

With that in mind, let’s chat about some ways I have found to use my kids’ tablet for family time. (Did that blow your mind? Have you ever even thought about using your child’s tablet for family time?) That’s right. Their beloved tablets can be used as a tool to bring everyone in the house together, and it’s not complicated in the least.

All of my kids have had The Amazon Fire Kids Edition tablet. It’s been our family favorite for many reasons. It’s affordable, it’s got all the capability they could need at their ages, and Amazon will replace it if they break it in the first two years! The Fire 7 Kids Edition tablet Has a 7” display, 16 GB of storage, kid-proof case and is priced at $99.99.

Here are our two favorite ways to use our Amazon Fire Tablet for family time.

1 | Story Reading

Because of the varying ages, my kids disagree on which books to read. Therefore, they usually each get to choose one for story time. With the Amazon Fire, they can scroll through the e-books on Amazon FreeTime Unlimited and tap their choice to download: no book fights or paper cuts. Elmo for Charlie, Diary of a Wimpy Kid for Grayson. It won’t be long at all before Lincoln is making his choice, too!

2 | Dance Parties

If there is one thing my kids are always down to do, it’s DANCE. Those children love music and love to break it down even more. Grayson usually has a trendy new dance move to show us and Charlie is quick to mimic it. Through Pandora or Youtube, the kids love to play their favorite songs and have a dance off while we watch. We MAY on occasion introduce them to necessary 90’s Hip Hop hits. I will never tell.

The sky is truly the limit on ways to promote family time with your kids’ tablet! Between games, books, music, recipes, and more- there is always a way to spend some time together as a family that your children will love and remember. Have you ever used “Screen Time” for Family Time?

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