How To Save Time And Be More Efficient When Refreshing Your Home For The New Year

This post was sponsored by all®. All opinions are mine.

Are you stuck wondering how to save time and be more efficient? Is it “Spring Cleaning” time? I have a few tips that a guaranteed to make your life easier when refreshing your home for the new year.

Purge FIRST.

Don’t clean things you don’t have to! Go through first and purge. I wrote a great post on how to purge your home here. Once you’ve really pared down your belongings and gotten rid of all trash and donations, you can truly start refreshing your space.

Set timers and block schedule your time.

Timers and block scheduling are known keys to success and productivity. Blocking hours and days for categorical tasks will help you stay focused and not distracted. For example, I might set a timer for 50 minutes at a time and give myself a task like deep cleaning all the bathrooms. This helps so much. Try it.

Take all the “less frequent” laundry to a laundromat.

A lot less frequently than I do my normal laundry, I do bulk cleaning of things that are in the house- like curtains, washable rugs, duvet covers, etc. You would be surprised how much dust and general environmental filth that these things collect over the months. They really need to be deep cleaned periodically.

Not only are a lot of these larger and more cumbersome, taking them to a laundromat makes getting it all cleaned at once… possible. (Hello, multiple industrial sized machines!

To ensure that all the things are as clean as they can be, all® OXI comes to the rescue. With stainlifters that work WHILE the laundry is washing, old stains and dirt come right out. This is huge, especially for my washable rugs that catch everything on the bottom of our feet, spills, and more. Grab your all® OXI, head to the local laundromat, and get ALL the things laundered for the new year.

Plan ahead and make a multi-day schedule.

This method has been really helpful for me. Something about having a schedule and knowing my plan has been really successful in helping me break up the chores and avoid overwhelm. Decide that you want to finish in 3, 5 or 7 days- and then divide the tasks up over that amount of time. When you are finished with one day, STOP and stick to the plan.


You are not a superhero and can’t do it alone. Technically, you can, but it will take much longer. Find tasks that your kids can’t mess up and make them a list. If you think about it, they are actually capable of a LOT. Grayson is nine and I’ve learned how much he can do if I just ask him to do it. Give your spouse a list, too. Learning to delegate sounds simple, but it took me a long time to truly give up control and do it. It makes like simpler and makes tasks take less time.

These were just a few of the tips I’ve adopted over the years that I believe make a big difference in time and efficiency. I’d love to hear what methods you use!

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