How To Make Achievable Goals for the New Year

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It’s been years since I have made a formal list of New Years Resolutions. Sure, I like a clean start and I love making goals, but something about the word “resolution” just seems so, well, resolute. The key to incorporate change is to set achievable goals. For instance, if I make a goal for the New Year to go to the gym for an hour a day, five days a week- I am setting myself up to fail. Why? Because, well, I am not going to the gym at all right now. That’s a pretty big jump in lifestyle change.

If you are someone who thrives on huge goals made of drastic life changes then, by all means, shoot for the moon. I’m not. If I set too high of a goal, the first time I fall short I will feel like I failed and give up on the whole thing. Start small. You can always increase or add to your goals as the year goes on.

One of my top small goals for the new year is to move more. Yep, that’s it! Move. I’m not jumping into a strict fitness regimen. I didn’t commit to a gym membership or online program. I simply decided on an achievable goal that is healthy for my mind, body and spirit. Please note that I am not a stagnant person. Not in the least. Constantly battling a wild toddler and going up and down my stairs a thousand times a day keeps my heart pumping for sure. My goal is to incorporate movement in new and creative ways. Maybe it’s parking further away from the store, shopping more (hee hee hee), or walking to get Grayson off the bus instead of driving. It’s a simple goal and one I feel confident that I can attain.

One of the best ways to make sure I stay active is to love the athleisure outfits in my closet. I kid you not, if I lay out a comfortable and cute option the night before, I am about 100x more likely to move around more that day. If I set my sneakers by the door, I am more likely to take a walk. It works for me! I have fallen in love with JC Penney’s activewear options. As a mom on a budget, I couldn’t more more pleased at the options they have at such an affordable price point. It’s no secret that athleisure is the unofficial uniform of the stay-at-home-mom, so JC Penney really hit it out of the park in this department. Make sure you check them out for all the comfy, cozy, well fitting pieces you need to stay active and achieve your goals. Ps- they have all the black leggings you could ever dream of! JCPenney is continuing its partnership with the YMCA. This January, become a new Y member during Jan 15-31, get bounceback JCP coupon on Active/Xersion! Happy shopping, and Happy New Year!




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