How To Make A Rental Feel Like A Forever Home

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CORT Furniture Outlet for IZEA Worldwide. All opinions are 100% mine.

This post was sponsored by CORT Furniture. All opinions are mine. CORT Furniture Outlet CORT Blog

I’m 33 years old and happily still a renter. I don’t have the kind of savings to be comfortable owning a home yet, so I am still renting and totally ok with that. In fact, data is showing that more millennials are renting than other generations.

We have moved a lot over the last few years, but we really love the house and neighborhood we are in now, so I’ve really put thought into the ways I can make this house a home without permanently altering anything that doesn’t actually belong to us.

It sounds like it may be a simple task, but it really does require some brainstorming. I can almost tell when someone is living in a rental home, because it’s obvious that they didn’t want to go overboard with personalized decor. Honestly, I don’t blame them! It’s psychological. In the back of your mind, you know it isn’t a forever home- so your creativity box is smaller.

I’m here to challenge you!

Before doing anything at all, always check your lease to make sure nothing specific is prohibited. If you do want special permission for something specific, make sure to get written approval from your landlord. There should be explicit guidelines as to what can or can’t be altered. That said, I’ve come up with some things that I think really take decor to the next level without being permanent or too time consuming to “undo” when it’s time to move out. Here are four ways to create a more “permanent look” without causing headache later.

1 | Furniture

Having well coordinated (doesn’t have to match!) furniture is key to making a house feel like home. My furniture has come from a variety of places, but it all works together and keeps my house maintaining a cozy feel. Ps- did you know that you can rent OR buy furniture at CORT? CORT Furniture Rental is an amazing option for all kinds of things! College student housing, events, office spaces, or just indecisive moms like me! They even have a clearance outlet where new OR gently used furniture is sold at a huge discount. I got this practically brand new, full grain leather Chesterfield Sofa for almost half the original price. It was used for staging and is in mint condition. Transitions can be overwhelming and CORT is here to make at least one thing that much simpler.

2 | Removable Wallpaper

Wallpaper is actually on trend right now and I happen to love how it looks. Honestly, as soon as I decide on a pattern, I plan to throw some on the walls of my dining room. The best news is that lots of brands are coming out with temporary wallpaper/decals. Yep, this ain’t your grandma’s wallpaper. Pick a pattern and make a room unique to your personality.

3 | Wall Shelving

Of course some rentals prohibit nails in the wall, but if not, I am of the opinion that floating shelves are highly underrated. Shelves on the wall are not only space saving and efficient for storage, but an excellent way to add dimension and texture to a room. I added a shelf over my living room sofa and I am in love with how it changed the room. Don’t forget about shelving when decorating the walls!

4 | Live Plants

This is unofficial, but I am pretty sure there is evidence that live plants make people happier. I read somewhere once that there should be one living thing in each room of a home. Feng shui maybe? Who knows. Anyway, I recently went on a plant kick and wound up with more than a few around my house. Simply adding plants here and there really cozies up a space and bonus: helps purify the air.

Those are my top four decor suggestions, especially when thinking about creative ways to make a rental home feel like forever. The space we all call home is so important to our mental health, so let’s make it amazing!

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