How To Help Your Child With Math (Even If You Are No Good At It)

This conversation was sponsored by Revolution Math. All opinions are mine.

I think I may have heard angels sing when I found out about Revolution Math, but let me back up a bit. Please know that I am someone who has been terrified in anticipation of the day when I would have to help my kids with their math homework. Not only was I the worst math student ever, but kids aren’t exactly being taught in a similar way to how we were. Before I knew it, I had a third grader bringing home math homework that was blowing my mind.

There’s not much that feels more helpless than wanting to help your child learn something and feeling like you don’t have the tools. Who can relate? In addition to having homework every day, Grayson was also struggling a little bit with some of the new concepts being taught at school.

Thank goodness I learned about Revolution Math at just the right time. Revolution Math is for 2nd-5th graders to sharpen their math skills and fall in love with learning. It offers online interactive tutoring that fits your schedule. We set ours up for an hour on Sunday mornings.

Before you scold me for giving him schoolwork on Sundays, you should know that this is not your mother’s tutoring session. Grayson participates with a couple other kids on a Zoom call with the tutor. He gets to choose what “character” he wants to be as he interacts through the course, and even gets to earn “gems” that he can later spend in the shop. It’s SO cool. He gets the same teacher each week, too.

Grayson can be easily distracted at school, which I think contributes to him not retaining all the information at times. This extra bit of help on the weekend with no distraction in a fun learning environment is going to be huge for him.

The real review should come from Grayson, right? Well, from his own mouth: “That was SO fun, Mom! When do I get to do it again?”

Head over and sign up for a $1 trial month using the code KATIE1.

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