How To Get Your Big Kid To Brush Their Teeth

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Do your big kids hate brushing their teeth as much as mine do? I’m gonna get real and say it’s not even my favorite thing to do. I hate it. It’s annoying and I don’t like the aftertaste. I know, I’m weird. I still do it, ok? Stop judging me.


Instead of trying to raise little dental hygiene machines “because we said so”, let’s play their game and give them some incentive to do the best things for their oral health on their terms. I am tired of ordering Grayson to brush his teeth, then fighting with him about it until I demand he do it with the threat of punishment. I have also tried showing him Google images of “meth mouth” and telling him that’s what’s going to happen to him… result: ineffective. Apparently, he doesn’t believe me that it can happen from just not brushing your baby teeth. Smart kid, that one. Moving on…

1 | Yummy Mouthwash

I will just start with the thing that has worked best lately. TheraBreath for Kids anti-cavity oral rinse has been a dream come true. Grayson says it tastes amazing and can’t wait to use it. I don’t mind how much better his breath has been, either. TheraBreath is made from organic grapes, flouride, and sweetened with just a bit of Xylitol (a natural, non-sugar sweetener with oral health benefits). Have you thought about the fact that kid mouthwash usually has sugar in it? I never had! If you are looking for more natural kid products, this is the way to go. The anti-cavity formula with no artificial flavors or dyes makes teeth brushing time fun (and guilt-free for me). You can grab a coupon for this mouthwash HERE.

2 | A Tooth Brushing App

Yes, this is a real thing! Look around the web for options, but there are apps that play a song or motivate with a short game- and the child has to brush their teeth for the duration of the time that is set. Grayson loves this as a kid who thrives on instruction and step-by-step routines. The only downside is that I am a little scared my phone is going to take a bath in the sink one of these days…

3 | An Alarm

An alarm set for the same time every morning/night can help the kiddos establish a habit, while having something tangible to prompt them to get their butts up to the bathroom and brush teeth. Even better, set it and leave it in their bathroom so that they have to go all the way in there to turn it off.

4 | Ye Old Faithful Sticker Chart

If your kid is rewards driven, try a sticker chart. Brushing teeth can be one of the responsibilities on the chart. For every time Grayson brushes his teeth without a struggle, he gets a sticker. At the end of the week, if he has met his goals, he gets a reward.

Listen, my oldest was predisposed to weak teeth. His dentist has confirmed that to me on several occasions. My bank account has also confirmed that for me. Little is more important than encouraging your kids to take care of their oral health, especially if they are prone to cavities. Make sure to check out TheraBreath and let me know how it goes! (P.s.- adults love this stuff too.)

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