How To Find Quality Child Care in Georgia

This post is sponsored by GEEARS: Georgia Early Education Alliance for Ready Students; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

I blinked and the summer is almost over, at least here in Georgia. When I say almost over, I mean we only have a little less than a month before our county’s school is back in session! Grayson is starting third grade, but Charlie is turning three and in desperate need of child care, specifically: early preschool. (Let’s be honest, MOM needs it too.) As a full time work-at-home-mom, having a couple of toddlers crawling on me can make for some super stressful days.

Charlie is a kid who thrives on socialization and interaction, and I really want to give that to her. At the same time, I really could use the help so that my income doesn’t suffer. I knew I needed to find quality child care. Once I decided this was the path we needed to take, I started my research.

When I began the search for a preschool program or child care facility, I was excited to see that Georgia has a resource called Quality Rated. The Quality Rated tool is totally free and makes the search for childcare SO much easier and informed. I was able to select a price range, location, service options, and so much more criteria including the highly sought after “Quality Rated star rating”. There is even an option to search “along route” if you have a commute. I was able to see all the program’s safety and inspection reports (this was HUGE!), hours, prices, teacher credentials, and transportation options. This made me feel so much better about choosing which program to tour and how to prioritize the top contenders.

Quality Rated’s search tool lists ALL child care providers (licensed and license-exempt), to provide parents with a comprehensive overview of what’s available to us. The rating system helps parents recognize the highest-quality child care in Georgia. All Quality Rated schools are independently evaluated by credentialed early childhood experts to ensure that they follow best practices. The Quality Rating means providers have committed to constant improvements within their centers and the curriculum they offer. Pretty legit, huh? I only wish I had this when Grayson was a toddler!

After looking through QualityRated.org, we chose on a fantastic preschool, took a tour, and fell in love. Not only does it look great on the surface, but I was able to get so many more details online before we ever even visited. Once Charlie approved (ha), we just needed to put it on paper! With that, she is officially signed up for preschool and can’t wait to “go school”. I’m a little bit thrilled, myself.

What are your requirements for quality childcare? Have you found the search to be daunting? Check out this list for tips on choosing child care, and If you’re a parent in Georgia, don’t sleep on this amazing resource. It will make the search for childcare SO much easier and make you feel SO much more secure.

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