How To Do An Outdoor “Drive-In” Movie Night

If you have ever wondered how to do an outdoor drive-in movie night for your kids- look no further! We had been waiting on the perfect night to do an outdoor “drive-in” movie, and it finally got nice enough in Atlanta to do it!

What do I mean, by outdoor drive-in movie?!

Just that! You can turn your backyard into the ultimate summer movie night with just a few things that you probably have in your house. There are lots of ways to make this happen, from a projector to moving a TV outside, so feel free to get creative. I will walk you through how I made it happen, just know that the sky is the limit!

What I used:

Lots of cardboard from boxes in my garage

Packing tape

Large marker

Large blanket

King sized sheet


Cinemood Projector

Outdoor pillows


How I set up:

First, I assembled two cars (one for each kid). These were obviously NOT fancy, and my marker artwork on the “cars” definitely left a lot to be desired. (Ha!) The packing tape helps to “create a car”, just do your best. Honestly, an empty cardboard box would be just as good!

Then, I set up the “theater”. Since we were using a projector, I hung a sheet on a flat part of the exterior of my house. I laid a blanket on the ground just under it, so that the cars could partially sit on it, and I could set the snacks up there. I wanted a clean place to grab snacks and somewhere the kids could sit if they got bored in their cars. I also set up my projector and tripod. You could also watch a movie on a TV if you have an outdoor outlet, or simply bring a laptop outside!

I set up a kid sized table with a tray for all the snacks. Grayson helped me set it up. We had chips, fruit snacks, and drinks! My kids LOVE snacks, so even a simple spread like this made their night!

Lastly, I threw some outdoor pillows into their cars and we waited for dark! The kids had a blast, and I hope it created a fun memory for them. Put it on your summer bucket list!

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