How To Create A Cozy Bedroom (That You Want To Hang Out In)

This post is sponsored by Tandus-Centiva (A Tarkett Company), all opinions are my own.

I have always been really big on making sure my bedroom was a cozy place to retreat. Nine times out of ten, it’s the only place where I can really take a breather and escape the stresses of the day. Did you know that your bedroom atmosphere GREATLY affects your ability to relax and get good sleep? It’s true! (If my kids slept through the night, that would also help my ability to get good sleep, but I digress.)

As a huge fan of all things neutral, it will come as no surprise to you that my bedroom is relatively colorless. I always feel more serene in an environment that is bright and absent of busy colors or patterns. We also choose not to have a TV in our bedroom, as well. Having a TV in the bedroom just encourages me to stay distracted and not rest. If you read anything about Feng Shui, it’s a big no no to have electronics in the bedroom.

We moved into this house in January, and I still hadn’t finished my bedroom until literally last week. Three kids makes my new-home-decor turnaround a tiny bit longer. (HA.) Since I am also currently on a pretty tight budget, I decorated with things I already had around the house. I am big on reusing items in different rooms every now and then to make it feel new! If I am being honest, I have already rearranged some more even after taking these photos…

The newest addition to the bedroom is my new Tandus-Centiva area rug. Our master bedroom is fairly large with high ceilings. The walls are beige and the carpet is beige. (We are renting, so I don’t have any control over that.) Most of my decor and bedding is white and grey, so I wanted to add some major contrast to the room. A large darker grey rug really did the trick. It made the space feel smaller, cozier, and more relaxing.

Through the configurator on the Tandus-Centiva website, I designed a 9’x12′ rug.


I chose the Pebble Mesh style in Gritstone with a Dolphin trim. These rugs are made from commercial-grade carpeting, which is perfect for high trafficked areas. In fact, it may find a new home in the playroom- the jury is out. From the start of designing to delivery at my door was less than 15 days. That’s pretty amazing for a custom rug. Tandus-Centiva is offering 25% off custom-designed area rugs! Just enter the code: SPRINGBLOGGER in the configurator and receive 25% off purchase price of area rug. This promotion is valid through 6/30/2018.



What do you think? I think an area rug can really change an entire room for the better, even if everything else stays the same. Do you have a room that’s begging for an area rug?

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