How I’m Reclaiming My Mornings (And My Sanity)

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Oh, mornings. (Loud sigh.) The discussion of morning time is one that comes with many eye rolls.

I actually love the morning. I have been a morning person for as long as I can remember. For one thing, I hate the feeling that I am missing something by sleeping. Besides that, I truly am naturally a different person in the morning. My creativity is higher, my motivation is at it’s peak, and I just generally feel more productive. Transversely, at night, I am practically useless. If I save all my work until the kids are going to bed, it won’t get done. By that time, I am exhausted both mentally and physically and drained of all brain function.

So, what’s the dilemma you ask? Enter motherhood (of little ones). Certain things pertaining to mom life destroyed my sacred mornings. When I say certain things, I mostly just mean lack of sleep at night and babies who wake up at dawn. I lost my morning routine and started trying to get every second of sleep, even if it meant sleeping until everyone else was awake and needy. No matter what, everytime I chose sleep over getting up before my kids- I regretted it.

Now, we are back in Georgia, it’s a new year, and I am focusing on routines. In my life, preparation makes or breaks my day. If I don’t prep food- I eat poorly. If I don’t prep my outfits- I dress poorly. I have realized that I am a person who has to have ample planning and preparation to be successful. That said, I simply HAVE to get up much earlier than my kids to prepare for the day.

When I get up in the morning, three things have to happen: Breakfast, Planner Review, and Coffee.

Mornings are fast, too fast. Between getting ready for your workday and preparing your kids for school, there isn’t much time to create the flavorful, fulfilling breakfast your family deserves. McCormick Good Morning breakfast is a break through line of products to help you do just that. McCormick Breakfast Toppers are my new favorite morning addition. If I make sure to eat a hearty breakfast, I ALWAYS have more energy throughout the day.

Give your breakfast favorites an instant flavor upgrade. Sprinkle on yogurt, cottage cheese or fruit, stir into hot cereal for a crunchy twist, or shake on buttered bagels or toast. My favorite thing right now is shaking the cocoa-banana topper on a bagel with peanut butter or eating the blueberry-ginger topper on yogurt!

Having my personal hour in the morning sets the tone for the entire day. How do you start your day?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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