How Do I Do It All? Spoiler: I Don’t.

This post is sponsored by Merry Maids. However, all opinions are mine.

All working moms are no stranger to the question “How do you do it all?” Personally, I am a huge proponent of NOT trying to do it all if you can help it. While I know this is a privilege, hiring help was a game changer for me. As an entrepreneur, time is money and I have trouble just stopping to relax or spend quality time with my family when I have down time. I spent a long time thinking I needed to balance work and family and home perfectly. I eventually realized that balance is a myth and that it was ok to ask for help. Not only that, but it was ok to pay for things that would save me a ton of time and headache.

As it turns out, trying to do every single thing from work to home wasn’t a badge of honor, it was a source of stress and resentment. So, now, when people ask me how I do it all… I tell them the (new) truth.

I don’t.

The number one thing that is the bane of my existence and has historically taken the most time away from my family is cleaning. With an upstairs and a downstairs, our house is about 2200 square feet with 4 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms – so deep cleaning every week or two was a major time commitment for me.  I realized I could afford to utilize a cleaning service, but the question became: Was I willing to let go of my pride and control and do it already?

Spoiler: I did it already.

Merry Maids came and I quickly realized that what they offer is way beyond a house cleaning. They bring a huge emotional gift of TIME that I now have to spend with my family on the weekends instead of cleaning for hours. They take the stress of mess away, which gives me anxiety no matter how “liveable” it is. When Merry Maids came to do an estimate, they were so kind and even enthusiastic to tell me about how they would take care of my house! (Tip: you can choose a GREEN cleaning with the most eco-friendly products.). They walked me around each room and explained in detail what services they would provide and were very clear on the pricing and payment process, which includes online payments (perfect for those us of who never have cash on us)!

The day they came to clean the team was equally as pleasant and cheerful. I apologized a few times that I wasn’t able to get everything as tidy as I’d hoped before they got there. They reassured me and made me feel like they would take care of everything and I need not worry. A few hours later when they finished, I came home to tour my clean house and I was blown away!

The Merry Maids team from my local franchise in Atlanta went above and beyond and showed so much care and attention to our home. From folding the ends of the toilet paper rolls to changing sheets and arranging pillows so carefully, it was obvious that customer satisfaction is their priority. Fun fact – they also have a “worry-free guarantee,” so if anything isn’t 100% up to your standards, they’ll come back within 24 hours to fix whatever wasn’t perfect.

Merry Maids staff are all background checked and carefully hired to ensure only the most trustworthy people are in your home. They also go through extensive training. While they are a national company, the locations are locally owned and operated. Check them out ASAP and see if it’s something you can fit in the budget. Take a look, but then take another look and think about how much your sanity is worth. For me, it was worth every penny to make this choice. Ps- they just added an organizational service as well, so don’t forget to ask about that.

Do YOU do it all? Why or why not?

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  • Andrea
    June 17, 2019 at 10:24 am

    I recently bought a robot vacuum and it has changed my life! Although vacuuming isn’t even close to my most despised chore, it is time consuming. So while ‘Neato’ is doing her thing I can get the rest of the house clean!