Charlie’s Christmas List | Holiday Gift Guide for Toddler Girls

Ok, so Charlie isn’t exactly old enough to make a list, so I helped her out. These are things she is getting from Santa this year based on what she is loving in life. I am already loving the holidays this year with her because she has a minimal understanding of what’s going on and is SO excited. There is nothing better than Christmas through the eyes of children, am I right? Let’s get to it.

B. Toys Easel Does It

She’s getting a few things from this brand, because everything they have is actually the best. I have been buying these toys since Grayson was a baby. Everything they make is so wonderful. This easel is the perfect size for Charlie to draw, which is something she loves to do and I would rather her do on an easel than my wall.

B. Toys You Turns

Charlie also loves to pretend to drive. This interactive steering wheel is the perfect thing for her imagination to go wild while she sits in a box and pretends to drive away.

B. Toys Ribbit Tat Tat

Ask me how much I love the fact that she drums on everything…all day. The answer is I do NOT love it. BUT. As parents, we have to give in to our sweet babe’s desires and… ahem… talents. Drums it is.

Little Adventures Princess Dresses

Charlie is ALL about the role playing lately. She either wants to be a doctor or a teacher or a princess. These princess dresses are absolutely perfect. They are a higher quality than most, which make them way more fun to play in. At least for me, when I was little, if the dress was more authentic- the more fun I had. I might have already given her one early and she’s obsessed. Use code KATIEC15% for 15% off!

Lilly Post Box

This is a subscription box of books. You select whether you want picture books, board books, or a mixture- and you can receive it for one month or multiple months on a recurring basis! It’s the easiest/laziest way to book shop and I love it. You can get 10% off any 3, 6, or 12 month subscription using the coupon code: TYPICALKATIE at checkout!

Melissa & Doug Tool Kit

Another thing Charlie loves is pretending to work on cars. (Wonder where she gets that from?) A little toy toolkit was just what she needed to make it happen.

Baby Doll Accessories

Every baby doll lover needs a mini stroller, pack-n-play, and highchair! Charlie mimics me all the time, and now she can take care of her babies in gear HER size. She is going to FLIP when she sees this.

Zookeeper Sorting Box

Just like in a real zoo, within every enclosure there is a slide: If pushed down, only the half wood shapes fit through the opening. If pushed upward, the opening is large enough for the whole wood shape. This is fun because as children play, they can pretend to feed the animals while becoming more familiar with color and shape recognition.

Snap-n-Learn™ Matching Dinos

These colorful dinosaurs mix and match together, so little learners have endless hours of fun while they build their fine motor skills.

Peekaboo Barn Game

This game promotes vocabulary development and storytelling, encourages interactive and social play, and introduces early game play to younger kids.

Cuddle & Kind Knit Doll

Another one of our favorite doll brands is Cuddle + Kind. They make beautiful, high quality knit dolls and have a powerful mission. For every doll sold, they feed 10 meals to hungry children. I love the dolls and I love their social mission.

Skip Hop Zoo Collection Backpacks and Lunchboxes

Skip Hop is our go-to brand for SO much. They make some of the best baby stuff on the market. Since Charlie just started preschool, I am giving her her very own matching Skip Hop backpack and lunchbox to take with her. I guess this means I am admitting she loves school and being away from me. Oh well. Anyway, they have a ton of prints to choose from, so definitely snag these for your kiddos, too.

I was gifted many of these items as a thank you for including them on my gift guide. All opinions are 100% mine.

What did I miss? Anything?!

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