Healthy Options For Picky Toddlers

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sprout Organic Foods. All opinions are 100% mine.

It still sounds weird saying “toddler”! As you all know, Charlie just turned one. We are visiting colleges and shopping for prom dresses. Just kidding. She is actually just throwing puffs around the living room and biting pieces of her board book.

When it comes time to start feeding your baby solid food, it can be stressful. All parents only want their child to have the best, right? But, what IS the best? Simply put, I think the best is when food is as close to its original state as possible. Sometimes this can be cryptic as well. That’s why Sprout Organic Foods lists the ingredients on the back in the order of concentration so that we know exactly what we are feeding our baby. The flavors on the front should always match the ingredients on the back!

Baby food pureé pouches were not a big thing when Grayson was a baby. Now, it seems there are countless brands and an entire aisle of choices. If you are anything like me, this can be overwhelming. What are they supposed to eat and when? What if they don’t like the healthy stuff? Is it lazy to hand them a pouch, or can I chalk it up to teaching them to self feed? Not to mention the research that shows that healthy early eating habits directly affect eating habits for life. (No pressure, moms.) So, how do we make sure their beloved pouch foods are the best option for their little bodies?


Sprout Organic Foods makes all of this a lot easier for me (us). First, I trust that they are making food that is clean, pure, honest, and real. Their Mission & Values assure there are no preservatives or GMO ingredients, and are all certified USDA organic whole foods with no concentrates. Unlike some brands that only have one or two foods to a pouch, Sprout focuses on offering a variety of nutritional sources in one whole meal. Their new pouch flavors are Mango, Spinach Banana Apple, Blueberry Banana Oatmeal, and Pear Spinach Prune. Sprout uses ingredients like you would find in your own kitchen and turns them into yummy combinations packed full of nutrients. Like a lot of things in life, I’m on board with Sprout’s new tagline: “Keep it honest, Make it Real.”

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