Handmade Gifts For The Home

Home gifts are always good for friends, gift exchanges, in-laws, hostesses, and grandparents! You can get a great gift without venturing too far into trends (and risking gifting something that isn’t the same style/taste). I rounded up seven quick ideas and I got them almost all from Etsy. I love to show you guys small shops and makers when I can, and this was a great opportunity!

1. Home Sweet Apartment Pillow

This caught my eye for any apartment dweller, as it’s kind of hilarious and perfectly neutral for all homes.

2. Farm Valley Co. Snow Day Candle

This candle smells just like a Christmas Tree farm and burns for a long time! These candles are on sale for Black Friday and are only $10 each. Locally made in Alabama. You can use the code HOMESWEETHOME for free shipping.

3. Customized Doormat

I love unconventional doormats and this shop is my favorite for quirky sayings and designs. She also does custom/personalized mats. Check them out, they are hilarious!

4. Hand-Painted Essential Oil Storage Box

I love essential oils and have more than a sizeable stash and so do many of my friends. This would be a great gift for anyone to store them or other small things. This artist actually specializes in abstract paintings and prints, so I highly recommend checking those out!

5. Leather Photo Album

Everything is so digital now, and I say we need to bring back the photo albums. This hand crafted leather album is timeless and could be passed down for generations. It makes me want to get way better about printing things.

6. Family Cross-Stitch Ornament

We have one of these and it’s the FIRST family ornament we have had, which is perfect since we aren’t adding any more kiddos. I LOVE it and want to buy one for everyone I know.

7. Peg Doll “Family Portrait”

I think this is just about the most creative thing I have ever seen! I love that it’s a family depiction, but 3D. Isn’t it the cutest?!

If you have any small shop/makers to recommend, I’d love to hear them! xo

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