Goodbye Twelve & Six, Hello Typical Katie.

Happy Friday people!

I am admittedly the slackest blogger on earth lately. If anyone can tell me how to continue adulting and mothering WHILE maintaining my blog, I would love to know the secrets. No, but seriously. I promise I have new posts coming up that are GOOD.

One thing you may have noticed here and on social media is a NAME CHANGE. I debated a formal announcement and originally decided against it. However, I decided maybe it would be a good idea after all. I do want to do anything I can to make sure you guys still know it’s me if you see the new name!

I named the blog Twelve & Six initially for a variety of reasons that you can read about here. As my brand evolved, I felt like that name didn’t fit for a few reasons. First, a lot of people recognize me by my actual name (Katie) through social media and other avenues, so I desired more fluidity there. Second, I wanted a name that wasn’t cheesy or specific to a narrow niche. I thought of “Typical Katie” and immediately loved the idea. My close friends are known to say (a lot) when I do/say something, “Typical Katie move.” etc. I feel like I hear it a lot. I also like the extra bonus of the word “type” being the root of “Typical”. All in all, it seemed like the perfect name. The next step was to see if the domain was available and YAY(!) it was.

So. If you see the logo and name around, it’s me! My Facebook page name has changed, but all my other social is the same. I would love to hear what you think in the comments. Thank you so much for reading, it really means everything to me. xo

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    September 9, 2017 at 5:30 pm

    I love it! I’ve also been wanting to completely rebrand for some time and I’m going to take the plunge and do it. You’ve inspired me to change it up!

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