Why Girls Nights Are Important (As A Busy Mom)

You know what can be a drag? Making friends as an adult. I think I see people chatting about this on social media at least weekly. It’s even harder as Mom who is super busy, over committed, and emotionally drained. I feel lucky that I have a circle of amazing friends, because friendship with other women is so important to my personal happiness and strength. It just is. While I could exchange numbers with every mom I meet on the playground or put out a personals ad, I prefer the organic method of friend-finding. You know the kind. When you meet someone and it immediately feels like you have known them your whole life? Those are the keepers. We haven’t lived in California long, but I already found a few. Lucky me, right?

Since we came to Napa, things have been kind of crazy, fast paced, and scattered. Time with my new local girlfriends has already become such a blessing to me. It’s a much needed reprieve from my usual chaos with women who are undoubtedly kindred spirits. We usually eat some food and stay up talking until the wee hours. Yep, it’s that simple, but it’s seriously therapeutic and does amazing things for me mentally. While we were in Atlanta, the nearby friends I did have weren’t close enough to get together too often, so this has been nice.

I continue to be in awe of how lucky I am to have such amazing women in my life and thankful for the extra quality of life that friendship brings. No matter how many kids or adult responsibilities exist, I will always make time for girl time.

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