Gifts for The Mom Boss

There had to be a mom gift guide, but not just any mom. Moms who are hustling as a mother AND working for themselves have a special place in my heart, and I just happened to know a few things that would make their lives a lot easier. I have some of these, and some of these are on my wishlist. They are of all different price ranges, so make sure to click the link to check them out. As always, I appreciate any shopping done through my personalized links, because I may earn a small commission without costing you anything extra.

1. Babes Build Empires Shirt

Because tee shirts are the best and this one is adorbs.

2. Bed Desk

My bed desk is LIFE. As much as we wish we could work at a desk, it usually comes down to cramming work in at night after bedtime… in bed.

3. Personalized Address Stamp

I’m obsessed with these, and even as renters who have had multiple addresses- I almost always have one. This is a great thoughtful gift for people who are probably sending more mail than the average person.

4. ANKR Charger

I actually got one of these from a brand as a gift and don’t know how I ever lived without it. It has four full iphone charges when it’s completely charged. Amazing.

5. START Planner

I’ve tried a lot of planners, and this one is still winning. I did a whole post about it here, if you want more details. A good planner is critical for me!

6. Air Pods

I asked around and even though these have a hefty price tag, everyone says they are the best choice and 100% worth the money. Dear Santa….

7. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Staying stylish while avoiding a headache? Yes, please! I swear by these glasses while I’m working (AKA staring at screens), and the ones I linked are BOGO for Black Friday!

8. Madewell Tote

This is probably one of the most popular totes of all time. It’s not cheap either, but holds ALL the things and is the best quality. It will literally last you the rest of your life probably.

What did I miss, ladies? What’s your must have WAHM staple? xo

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