Gift The Kit: Eleven Gift Pairings To Create From Your Starter Kit

Um, hi, December! If you’re like me, your mind is on gifting and you keep trying to take advantage of the sales while not splurging too much on yourself… Ah, the battle. If you haven’t jumped on the Young Living train with me yet, December is a perfect time to get the starter kit. Why? Because I just figured out how this $160 will benefit you AND eleven lucky humans.

I have come up with gift pairing suggestions for each oil. All the gifts are under $20 and on Amazon Prime. If you hate my ideas, feel free to think of your own! Now, I’m not asking you to hand over your beloved new oils in their entirety. I have a solution for you. If you grab a kit, I will send you a box of cute amber 2ml bottles to split your starter kit oils. Each oil in the kit is 5ml, so this will be a little less than half of your stock. You can hang on to all the other goodies in the kit AND you have a membership now! Brilliant? I think so.


But… I’ll also throw in a $15 Amazon Gift Card to go towards the extras. Get excited!

Here are my pairing suggestions:

copaiba + wooden teethers

Because copaiba is the teething holy grail. Gift this to any mother of a baby/toddler.

frankincense + jade roller

Frank is the ultimate skin serum and jade rollers are all the rage right now. These pair perfectly together for the nightly routine.

panaway + hot water bottle

Panaway is my go-to for back aches and menstrual cramps. My hot water bottle is my other MUST. Dream team.

peppermint + hot cocoa mug set

Peppermint can be added to anything you want to have a taste of peppermint in. I put it in tea, brownies, hot chocolate, coffee and more!

lavender + cozy socks

Lavender is the ultimate relaxation oil. Putting some on the bottom of your feet with cozy socks will give you the best sleep of your life, for real.

citrus fresh + car diffuser

I love fresh clean smells in my car, so I thought a great pairing for Citrus Fresh would be a car diffuser.

lemon + insulated cup

Lemon is a great addition to my ice water, so I linked my very insulated favorite cup and straw.

digize + magnolia cook book

Digize is the blend that helps all things digestion, so a great pairing (I think) would be one of the year’s most popular cookbooks.

thieves + himalayan salt lamp

Thieves and a Himalayan salt lamp are a power duo sure to boost your immune system for the winter (and always). Thieves is a blend for immunity that also happens to smell like Christmas. Google the salt lamp and have your mind blown!

stress away + gratitude journal

Stress Away could be worn as a lovely perfume it’s THAT good, but it also has calming effects and would pair amazingly with this popular journal. Quiet time with Stress Away and journaling? YES PLEASE.

raven + scarf

Since Raven is a great seasonal oil for times when we want to be able to breathe clearly, I thought a yummy winter scarf would be a great match for it.

That’s it! I’d love your suggestions, and as always- click HERE to learn more about essential oils and get started with me. I can’t wait to welcome you to our community!!

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