Gift Guide for Age 6-8


Some of these items were gifted to me as a thank you for inclusion in my gift guide. This post also contains affiliate links. All opinions are mine.

I don’t have the time or the expertise to write about ALL the age groups, but I can write what I know! One of my fabulous children is in this age group, so I have been shopping around and I have some ideas for you, straight off of Grayson’s Christmas list!

Messmatz | Little Bean Creations

Grayson is the king of making a mess. The actual king. Eating, crafting, whatever he’s doing- you can guarantee it’s going to be a disaster area. These silicone mats are much bigger than a basic placemat, so it catches everything that should spill.

Swinging Hammock Chair | Clover & Birch

There is something about hammocks and all things suspended from the ceiling that Grayson is obsessed with. We got him this chair for his room and he is going to just LOVE lounging in it!

Personalized Book | iSeeMee

I included this on my toddler gift guide as well. I think this is seriously such a great gift for any child of any age. It can be kept for their whole life and treasured, since it’s designed to be unique to them. I love that it has their name and photo built in to the story.

Pokemon Over-The-Ear Headphones | eKids

Raise your hand if your kid insists on playing their tablet on the loudest volume, right next to you on the couch.You need over-the-ear headphones, STAT. G loves all things Pokemon, so he will be totally stoked about these.

Pie Face Showdown Game | Hasbro

The neighborhood kids have been loving this fun game! Everyone sits in a circle and plays until one lucky person takes a “pie” to the face!

Play-Doh Star Wars Set

Star Wars is popular again right now, and Play-Doh is the timeless favorite. This set is sure to be a hit for any kid who loves Star Wars!

Captain American Blaster Reveal Shield

I have a boy, so if it classifies as a projectile shooting toy, he wants it. I try to limit the number of things that shoot, because, well, they are annoying. However, he loves this Captain America blaster shield, so it’s going under the tree!

Transformers Optimus Prime Racing Trailer Playset | Playskool

Much like his dad, he’s all about race cars. This nifty Transformers racing trailer looks like the most fun, and I know he will get hours of entertainment out of it!

Gold Digger Metal Detector | Bounty Hunter

The very first thing on his list this year is a metal detector. It’s funny, because I totally remember my brother wanting one at about this age too! Something about the idea of finding buried treasure is just fun! This one is kid friendly and affordable.

Pogo Stick | Flybar

Have a kid with a lot of energy to burn? They need this beginner pogo stick! (Make sure you grab a helmet, too!)

May the good deals be with you!


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