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It’s Friday already! I can’t believe it. This week has been crazy with surprise dental work for one kid, two doctor appointments for the other, haircuts, baseball practice and all the other normal chaos. Since Charlie is past the three month mark, I thought it would be appropriate to review six things I have LOVED in the first few months with my baby girl.



Little Poppy Co. Bow Subscription

Yep. You read that right. A BOW SUBSCRIPTION. I’ve been a boy mom until now, so I am new to accessory addiction. I love simple, classic colored bows of all kinds. I found LPC through Instagram and got way too excited. Their bows  are beautiful, classy and have amazing quality. You can choose to have your bows on an alligator clip, or nylon headband. I love the nylon headband because it doesn’t leave marks and blends in with her skin tone. Follow the link to see the details of subscribing. Use the code: HOORAY for 10% off your first month!

Aden + Anais Bamboo Swaddles

My friends made fun of me because I had a huge swaddle stash WAY before my due date. I won’t say how many, because it’s embarrassing.  I can’t really explain WHY, I just got really excited about them and all the fun prints they came in and accidentally kept buying them. I have both muslin and bamboo and have tried several brands. They are large, lightweight, and CUTE. In my opinion, the bamboo ones are the luxury swaddles. They are SO soft. They are pricier than muslin, but its worth it to me. You can use them as a swaddle (duh), a changing pad, a blanket, burp cloth…really anything. I also have a bamboo dream blanket that I mentioned last week. It is essentially the swaddle on steroids.

White Noise App

I should video this sorcery and show you guys. If Charlie is fussing and I turn this app on- she is immediately silent. It is the craziest, most magical thing ever. The only downside, is that you can’t use your phone while it’s on, unless you get the upgrade. This makes it less than convenient to use at times. Otherwise, MAGIC. If you have a baby, try it and report back.

Baby Comfy Nose Aspirator

Where was this thing with my last baby?! We have all seen the viral photos of a dissected bulb syringe. The inside is moldy and gross and the plastic is opaque, so you can’t possibly see the disgustingness. There is literally no way to sanitize them. This is your alternative. The most popular brand of these aspirators is called the Nose Frieda. I looked at both, read the reviews, and went with the Baby Comfy. Definitely compare them, but I am happy with my choice. You use your mouth to create suction and you can stick a little tissue in the reservoir as a filter. (Please note that the filter is a recommended step. I made a mistake of not using it and almost ate my baby’s boogers.) Take it apart and sanitize. This thing is absolutely amazing for clearing mucus. I know it sounds weird, but it is THE best. Read the reviews.

Amazon Diaper Subscription

So, after I ran out of diapers a few times with no backups and had to do a 10pm run to CVS, I discovered the beauty of Amazon subscriptions. You can subscribe to an auto renewing diaper shipment, monthly, and the diapers come straight to your door. While you’re there, check out all the other things you can subscribe to! It’s truly genius.

Solly Baby Wrap

I am all about baby wearing. I had a Moby wrap with Grayson and I didn’t use it a ton. There was too much fabric, it was thick, and stretched out over time. I also own a couple soft structured carriers and we like those, but nothing can compete with a basic wrap. A mom in California started this little business (Solly) and they have BOOMED! The fabric is thin, breathable, adorable, and it even has a little pocket on the end of fabric. They have great tutorials on their website on how to wrap. It’s way easier than it looks. My Solly is the only way I have gotten anything done on many a day! Every time I wear her in it I get tons of compliments.

It was hard to choose! I am loving so many things this time around that I didn’t have six years ago. What are your baby must-haves?

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