Friday Favorites | Baby Girl 3-6 Months

I’m just barely sliding in with my Friday Favorites…on Friday. I promised myself I would get this darn thing posted and I WILL!

Having a 3-6 month old baby brought so many milestones and changes. Teething, her first cold, trying to scoot, rolling over, and so much more awareness of the world around her. Here are the top things that I found to be pretty amazing during the last three months.


Tula Baby Carrier

This thing has made my life SO much easier. Once the wrap was just not as comfortable on my back, we switched to a soft structured ergonomic carrier. I was gifted a Tula and let me tell you, there isn’t a better carrier in my opinion. I have taken Charlie all over the place in it and she has been so comfortable and so have I. There are so many bonuses to babywearing and a stellar carrier just makes it even better.

O Ball Activity Center, Bounce-O-Bunch

Somewhere around 4 months, Charlie started getting antsy. You could tell she wanted to jump a lot and was starting to focus on holding toys and playing with them. I knew it was time for an activity center or exersaucer. I saw this one on Amazon and it looked cool to me. The reviews were all amazing and it was affordable. The reviews were right. It’s the best thing ever. She loves it so much and the floor of it adjusts. Tyler also says it was easy to assemble.

Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether

I don’t know what it is about Sophie. I was definitely a mom that was like “I am NOT paying $20 for a stupid teether”. Then Charlie got one for Christmas and it’s her favorite thing to chew on. It truly is wild.

Ikea Bath Towels

Most baby towels are tiny and thin and annoying. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like tiny and thin towels on myself so, Charlie probably doesn’t either. Ikea’s baby towels are thick, big, and cute (and obviously they are dirt cheap, because, Ikea).

Zarbee’s Baby Cough Syrup and Mucus Reducer, Grape Flavor, 2 Fluid Ounce

Charlie had her first little cold and of course I was panicked. I also didn’t want to give her medicine. Several people recommended Zarbees. It worked. It was great. The end. Try it.

The Wonder Weeks App

I love this app. It’s based on the book about The Wonder Weeks. It basically prepares you for and educates you on your baby’s impending mental leaps and growth spurts. It has been OH SO helpful to be aware of what she is going through and to understand her behavior a little better.


There’s so much I love, but those were really instrumental during that 3-6 month period. How about 6-9 months? Anybody been there that can recommend anything for me?


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