Four Questions To Ask Yourself Before Making Plans This Holiday Season

Welcome to the happiest/most stressful time of the year! While we are feeling all warm and cozy and sparkly, we might also be running ourselves ragged. Call me crazy, but I have a hunch that some of us are prone to overbooking ourselves this time of year, and making “bucket lists” that are just a little bit too extra. I’m encouraging all of us, myself included, to be a little more cognizant of what we are doing and why.

So, before you write another thing in your planner- I want you to ask yourself these four questions.

1 | Who are you doing this for?

If the answer isn’t YOU or your bright eyed children (with memory retention capability), ask yourself WHY? Who are you obligated to please? Are you showing up to things because you feel like a bad mom if you don’t have all the same Facebook photos? Are you RSVPing “yes” to parties you feel like you HAVE to make an appearance at? Stop it.

2 | Will this put me further in debt or could this money be better spent elsewhere at this time?

If it will put you further in debt, the answer should always be no. The trickier part is the second question. Every single time we spend money, we are making a choice between multiple purchase options. Before any expenditure, I challenge you to do a quick run-through in your mind. Inventory the things that you could spend money on and make sure you are choosing what feels most worthy to you.

3 | Will the kids remember this?

If I was ever guilty of something, it’s never asking myself this. Raise your hand if you have thrown an extravagant party for your one year old! We probably ALL have. The holidays bring all the opportunities to participate in all the adorable events with unlimited photo opps… of your babies. Consider the fact that they will never remember it and it might not be worth it until they are 5+.

4 | Will this cause your mental health to suffer in any way?

The holidays are hard enough for the average adult as it is. Throw in any number of mood related disorders, and you’ve got a recipe for a real sh*t show. Gatherings with lots of people and noise can be a nightmare for people with social anxiety or people on the spectrum. Certain other activities could be a trigger of grief for people who have experienced all sorts of tragedy. No matter WHAT it is, it is never worth sacrificing your mental state.

So, there you go. I just let you off the hook for any and everything that might be stressing you out this season. Before you fill your calendar with a million things you think you need to do, PAUSE. Take a minute and ask all these questions before you commit.

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