Finding Unique Ways To Bond With Your Children While Being Productive

This post was sponsored by Cascade. All opinions are mine.

As a busy mom of three, there is not much that stresses me out more than trying to find time for each kid. I am so scattered and overwhelmed most of the time, I can’t even keep my head on straight. I am in awe of moms with more than three kids. That said, with three kids and little time, I have to be creative with getting them to hang out with me. Especially, Charlie. Charlie is almost four, my only girl and the one who wants the most time with me right now, but she can also be the hardest to please.

She’s the most unpredictable of the bunch. If she liked something yesterday, she might not like it today. Therefore, I have to stay creative with ways for us to spend quality time together.

Lately, she has been really into watching me in the kitchen. Everything from pretending to help clean and do dishes, to helping with food prep. I’ll be honest, the kitchen isn’t my FAVORITE place to hang out, but if it gets me some extra bonding time with Charlie, I’m in.

An important thing to remember is that Charlie doesn’t have to be actually “helping” to feel like she is. As you can see in the photos, playing in the sink and making an (easy to clean up) mess with bubbles while I load the dishwasher worked perfectly fine. She was entertained, we spent time together, and I actually got something done.

It doesn’t have to be complicated!

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How do you find unique ways to bond with your kids?

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