Finding A Preschool And How Georgia Makes It Easy For Parents To Find Childcare

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Something big is happening, y’all. It’s almost time to sign Charlie up for next year’s preschool. Like, REAL preschool. This is really hard for me to wrap my mind around for some reason. Grayson was in full-time daycare from the time he was a small infant and I had to go back to work. When it came time to enroll him in Georgia’s Pre-K, I had no worries (as daycare was our norm). This time, I feel nervous for some reason.

Is she ready?

Ultimately, I really think she IS ready and will thrive. She has learned so much and bloomed while attending just a few hours a week. I truly think that “official” preschool will be amazing for her. (Not to mention, in Georgia there is a lottery funded Pre-K program for four year olds, so buh-bye tuition!)

The most important thing to me at this point, is that we find the utmost quality in a childcare center. We care about things like proximity to home, teacher to child ratio, hours, teacher credentials, and a facility’s inspection reports. All of those metrics can be searched through Quality Rated’s free search tool, along with pricing and transportation options. If you have a commute, you can even search “along route” to see which places would fit your schedule the best. The search tool lists all licensed and license-exempt child care providers in Georgia — whether or not they are Quality Rated — to make sure you have all the facts.

What does “Quality Rated” mean?

A Quality Rated star-rating is a way to see which facilities are committed to their centers and the education they are offering our kids. All Quality Rated programs are independently evaluated by credentialed early childhood experts to make sure that they follow best practices.

I’ve used the Quality Care search function SO many times. In fact, that’s how we landed on Charlie’s current “school”. I felt at ease and like there was full transparency in choosing the best place for her to be. Honestly, we shouldn’t expect any less when it comes to our children being in the best possible hands. Right?

Head to QualityRated.org to search for the best childcare center for your family today. Have you ever used the tool? What’s most important to you when choosing childcare?

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