How to Find Childcare in a New City + Interview Questions to Ask a Potential Nanny

If you have ever moved any significant distance, you know that one of the biggest headaches is re-establishing all your go-to services. Trust me, I have been there more than once. We are actually going through that now (again). Besides finding new doctors, a new hairdresser, massage therapist, or auto mechanic, we also needed to find new babysitters.

I would venture to say that finding a new babysitter or nanny is at the top of the priority list when it comes to the vetting procedure. Who is more important than the people that are taking care of our children? No one. While referrals from friends are sometimes preferred, that can be hard or impossible in a new city where you might not know anyone.

Care.com is the perfect thing for the search (not only for childcare, but also elder care, pet care, housekeeping, or even errand running)! It is the world’s largest digital marketplace for finding and managing family care I have used this site in the past under their free, basic membership package, but I recently upgraded to the premium membership. Now that I am a premium member, I am so impressed with the features and benefits! It is so easy to filter caregivers based on their availability, experience, rates, and more. It’s simple under the premium plan to message them, view their background check, and check references. There are even options to pay them through the platform. The payment part is huge for me. It’s 2017- I never have cash, and I always wish I could pay a sitter electronically.

Care.com offers a wealth of information to it’s members like help with knowing what a fair nanny salary is in your area, and even tax information as it pertains to having contracted employees. They even have a sample nanny contract accessible for use.

One thing I loved learning from Care.com were tips and ideas for how to interview a nanny. Here are my top ten questions I think that should always be asked:

1 | Are you trained in CPR? Have you taken classes in childcare? Would you be willing to take classes if necessary?

2 | What is your most recent position? What’s your typical daily routine with that family?

3 | How many kids are you comfortable watching? (especially important for play dates, visits from relatives, etc.)

4 | Are there any activities or responsibilities that you won’t do?

5 | What is your view of disciplining a child and what should be the nanny’s role?

6 | What have you found worked the best when working with the parents to help raise the child?

7 | How flexible is your schedule, if we occasionally need you to arrive early or stay late?

8 | How long have you been caring for children, and how old were they?

9 | Do you prefer more or less structure in your day? What do you think works best for children?

10 | What were some of the best things about your previous job?

What questions would you suggest to ask a potential nanny or babysitter? Don’t forget to visit Care.com and use the code: TWELVEANDSIX30 to get 30% off a premium membership!

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