Fathers Day Gift Guide | Small Shop Edition

It’s almost shipping-cut-off time for Fathers Day, so it’s time for a gift guide! I have always been a huge lover of shopping small. I just looked and I have ten pages of Etsy purchases in my account! The thought and craftsmanship that goes into small batch products are so valuable to me, and I often end up finding super creative things that I would have never found in a big box store. Not to mention, a few of these things can be personalized, which makes them even more special. I put together a list of eight ideas, and nothing is over $35. Depending on your budget, many of these things would make an adorable gift basket together!

1 | Dad Life Tee | Mom Life Must Haves

This tee is classic and simple enough that my husband will wear it, while still having a cute and catchy phrase about Fatherhood. It will go with anything and is a super soft triblend fabric. I have about 400 Motherhood graphic tees, he should probably catch up, right? Use code: KATIE for 15% off.

2 | Hand Stamped Bottle Opener Keychain | The Silver Loft

I wish I could tell you how often someone at my house is looking for a bottle opener and no one has one! We usually go to the trusty bottle opener magnet that I picked up from a tourist trap at Niagara Falls, but no more! I knew Tyler had to have this when I saw it. Now everywhere we go, a bottle opener shall follow. Bonus: they are chic, small, and personalized to make them a more meaningful gift. Use code: BESTDADEVER for 25% off!

3 | Dad Jokes Mug | Brittany Garner Designs

I have raved about BGD a ton in the past, because all of her designs and products are the BEST, and the new collection did not disappoint. This “Ask Me About My Dad Jokes” mug is hilarious and so cute. This design is also available in a drink sleeve. I can’t decide who needs it more, my husband or my Dad. 6/11 is the last day to order in time for Fathers Day! Use code: BGD15OFF for 15% off.

4 | Personalized Hammer | Laser Engrave Boutique

You might be like, “Ok what, Katie? You lost me.” But. I think this is so cute! Hammers get a lot of use around here and they kind of end up being one of those things that stay in the family for a lifetime. How cool would it be to have one personalized with a sweet message for Dad? I think it’s cool!

5 | Papa Bear Tee | Loved By Hannah And Eli

Loved By Hannah And Eli is a well known shop in the mom world, famous for her Mama Bear™ line. I may or may not have a few of them already. It only makes sense for Tyler to have a Papa Bear shirt to join the rest of the crew! Her shop has lots of other goodies, so look around!

6 | Handcrafted Leather Wallet and Key Chain | Baby Mama Sew Shop

I had to look three times at this deal! This handmade leather credit card holder and key chain are crazy affordable and so cute. If the Dad in your life is a minimalist/hipster type like my husband, it’s so perfect for an add-on gift or if the funds just aren’t there this year for anything extraordinary. I am a sucker for raw, handcrafted leather products, so this one stole my heart! Use code: FREESHIP for free shipping!

7 | Hand Stamped Guitar Pick with Case | Her Silver Lining

Years ago, I got one of these for my Dad (who is a musician) and personalized it from me and my brother. Now that he is Granddaddy, I thought it would be perfect to get him a second one for his collection! These personalized, hand stamped guitar picks are such a timeless and thoughtful gift for any musician in your life. Use code: KATIE20 for 20% off!

8 | DAD Tumbler | The Blue Envelope

I love the unique designs by The Blue Envelope. Her signature designs are “words inside of letters” so to speak. We have a couple of her tees and LOVE them, but was so excited to see the tumbler option in her shop. It’s especially perfect for my commuting husband and his coffee in the morning. This is a super high quality tumbler and I feel like I need one to match, now! Use code: TWELVEANDSIX for 20% off!


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