EFT Tapping with Hypnotherapist, Becca McLeish

Last week I had a Tapping and Hypnotherapy session with Becca McLeish (@iambeccamcleish on Instagram) and it blew me away. I’m a Tapping believer now. I had never done Hypnotherapy or EFT Tapping before and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to work with Becca before I started my IOP this week. Becca and I hit it off immediately and I loved being able to connect with her from the opposite side of the world. So, what is EFT tapping? Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a type of treatment for physical or emotional distress, and includes a type of tapping, or psychological acupressure to help balance your energy. Below, you’ll find a glimpse at the types of encouraging and uplifting messages Becca shares as a Mindset Coach, as well as a clip from our session together.

It actually makes me sad to think of so many women who feel it’s too late for them…

Too late to have the life they want.

Too late to find their purpose.

Too late to figure out who they are, at their core.

I was a stay at home mum for 20 years and although it was my choice (and I wouldn’t have wanted to do anything else) I did spend most of those years feeling like something was missing.

Constantly feeling like I hadn’t reached my full potential.

Having done ‘the work’ I now realize my life will be spent pushing and exploring and expanding my potential every day.

It becomes a different kind of yearning.

It’s about realizing who you are and just looking forward to finding out more…rather than feeling you’re so far from the path you can’t even see where it is.

When you can lose the panic of ‘quick, I need to work out who I am and what I’m here for before I run out of time’ and replace it with enjoying the WHOLE journey; you never run out of time.

And every day is an opportunity to start a new chapter.

I want that for you. 💛

Becca is a Mindset & Life Coach who helps women find peace and develop confidence, so that they can step out of their comfort zone and in to their power.

My EFT Tapping Session with Becca McLeish

Here are some clips from my EFT Tapping session last week with Hypnotherapist, Becca McLeish.

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