Sneaking In Nutrients: A Kid Friendly Smoothie Recipe


I have been compensated by PediaSure for this post; however, I am sharing my own thoughts. All opinions are my own. #PediaSure #Sidekicks #ForPickyEaters

What if your kid isn’t necessarily a picky eater, but they can’t be bothered to finish a meal? Or what if they LIKE veggies but prefer sweets? That’s how Grayson is. The kid loves veggies, but he would much rather have something sweet. He’s also a snacker, so getting him to sit for a meal is like pulling teeth. He is a busy, high energy boy and he’s always in and out of my kitchen. He likes to run in, inhale a snack, go play, then repeat ten more times a day. Usually, he asks the same questions he knows are a “NO”, like, “Can I have candy?”

I’m so glad I discovered PediaSure Sidekicks. They are so yummy and can be enjoyed alone, with a meal, or in a recipe! They sneak the nutrients in when the kids aren’t paying attention! You can use PediaSure in the place of water or milk in a ton of recipes. When we have these in the fridge, Grayson always wants one when he is craving sweets and I don’t have to feel bad about letting him have one.

His favorite thing that we do with Sidekicks, is our smoothie. It’s as easy a smoothie could possibly be.

First, add frozen fruit of choice to the blender.

Next, pour over desired amount of PediaSure Sidekicks. I used two bottles for about 3 cups of fruit. (We like our smoothies thin.)

Blend until smooth, and voila! A yummy treat that’s packed with nutrients.

It was super easy to find the PediaSure Sidekicks in the baby section at Walmart. Go see for yourself, and don’t forget to check out the Ibotta offer on the way! What ideas do you have for sneaking in the healthy stuff?



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