Don’t Forget The Galentines

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Before Valentines Day is finally upon us, I wanted to do something a little different. While everyone is talking about their sweethearts and maybe their kiddos, I thought it might be nice to recognize the “galentines” in our life. You know the ones. Not just the moms at the bus stop, or the chick you don’t really know other than from Facebook, but the real MVPs.They are the ones you send inappropriate memes to all day, the ones you can call when you’re hysterically crying because you just got pulled over and your kid won’t stop screaming, the ones who will marathon ten seasons of Friends with you, the ones who will come over in the middle of the night to stay with your kids in an emergency, and the ones who would drop everything and travel several states when you need them without question. (All those hypothetical situations were derived from real life. In case they sounded just a little too detailed.)

You may be thinking that Valentines Day isn’t for besties, but I beg to differ. I kind of like to make my own rules, though. Besides my husband, very few people (if any) have gone to the lengths that my best girlfriends have for me. No one loves me like they do. No one listens like they do. And no one has helped carry me through life like they have over the last 15 years. If Valentines Day is about love, I can’t think of anybody that deserves something special on that day than my chosen sisters.

So, how can you remember your Galentines this Valentines Day? It doesn’t take much! I am a firm believer that simple is better and reminding someone you care about them is something you should always take time for.

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