Do The ThinG- There Are No Rules

Fact: I’m really self-conscious of my face and neck. ⠀

I’ve always had a really full face and not very defined jawline (even when I was thin). My double chin fades straight into my very bulky neck. It’s the area on my body that I battle most with acceptance. ⠀

For years I have felt uncomfortable with my hair up, hated candid photos of my profile, learned how to suck in my chin (yes that’s a thing), mastered contouring, and even digitally edited my face to be slimmer. ⠀

I’ve chosen clothes and accessories around not wanting to draw attention to my face. I wanted to try a short haircut but didn’t because I thought only skinny girls could pull it off. I wanted to pierce my nose, but thought it would draw more attention to my face. I wanted to try out getting lip enhancements, but was worried it would make my face look fat. ⠀

Last summer I said screw it. I want a short haircut and I don’t care anymore. I got my nose pierced like I wanted for so long a few months after that. Then I got microshading and lip injections because I wanted to try them and was over my stupid excuses. (My chubby face is worthy of accessories and enhancements and a cute haircut to frame it, too, damnit.)⠀

I always tell you guys to show up and I have spent a lot of time showing up for the rest of my body, but not bringing my face to the self love party. ⠀

I guess I’m posting this to say a few things. ⠀

• Other people don’t criticize you like you criticize yourself. The way I have seen my face over the years is not how other people see me and I know that. Give yourself a break.⠀

• Throw out the rules about what shape is allowed to have what style of hair or clothes.⠀

• Even if you still don’t feel 100%, life is short. Get the nose ring, try out the lip injections if you want to, wear fun makeup, shave your head. Just keep showing up for your true self… not for the mask you wear for the world. ⠀

Doing the thing anyway is the hardest part, the self love that follows comes as a reward for honoring your spirit.

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