DIY Stenciled Doormat For A Fall Front Porch

I’m always good for a lazy girl’s DIY, y’all- and I haven’t done one in FOREVER. I got spontaneously inspired while listening to my favorite podcast to create a quick/unique stenciled doormat for the season. It’s true that it’s slightly an inside joke shared by mere hundreds of thousands of fans of the podcast (My Favorite Murder), but nonetheless, I had to do it! I mean Squad Gourds. S Q U A D G O U R D S. It’s hilarious. Shut up.

Anyway, you could any other catch phrase that tickles your fancy for any season or occasion. (I think “Hey Boo” is super cute for Fall, as well. It’s so inexpensive, you could make several! I think it would even make a cute and personal housewarming gift.

So, how do you DIY a stenciled doormat?

I’ll start by saying that I wish I had used a paint sponge, but all I had was a brush. I bought the small .99 bottle of acrylic paint- because you don’t need much at all. Lay out the stencils in the pattern/symmetry you prefer and get going! I used the middle size in the pack linked below. Since I didn’t have the sponge brush, I sort of tapped the brush straight down over and over on top of the stencil like this:

That is quite literally the only step on repeat. Let dry for several hours, layer over a cute fabric throw rug, and surround with other basic fall things like pumpkins and mums.

Make sure to tag me if you try it, and you can shop the products I used below!

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