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How To Save Time And Be More Efficient When Refreshing Your Home For The New Year

February 13, 2019

This post was sponsored by all®. All opinions are mine. Are you stuck wondering how to save time and be more efficient? Is it “Spring Cleaning” time? I have a few tips that a guaranteed to make your life easier when refreshing your home for the new year. Purge FIRST. Don’t clean things you don’t have to! Go through first and purge. I wrote a great post on how to purge your home here. Once you’ve really pared down your…

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Why I Prioritize Quality And 5 Products I Don’t Skimp On

February 12, 2019
pampers pure

There are lots of ways I stay in budget and find bargains. I want to be clear that I am a cost conscious person and there are plenty of things I absolutely do not buy unless they are on sale or the most inexpensive brand. However, I rounded up a list of the top five products I believe should be the BEST.…

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How To Help Your Child With Math (Even If You Are No Good At It)

January 29, 2019

I think I may have heard angels sing when I found out about Revolution Math, but let me back up a bit. Please know that I am someone who has been terrified in anticipation of the day when I would have to help my kids with their math homework. Not only was I the worst math student ever, but kids aren't exactly being taught in a similar way to how we were. Before I knew it, I had a third…

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How To Multitask Like A Mother

January 28, 2019

I have to say that the biggest learning curve in motherhood has been figuring out how to balance. I know, I know. Balance is a fictitious word that a woman certainly didn't create. Nevertheless, three kids + a husband + entrepreneurship requires at least my attempt at balance.…

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Finding A Preschool And How Georgia Makes It Easy For Parents To Find Childcare

January 14, 2019

Something big is happening, y'all. It's almost time to sign Charlie up for next year's preschool. Like, REAL preschool. This is really hard for me to wrap my mind around for some reason. Grayson was in full-time daycare from the time he was a small infant and I had to go back to work. When it came time to enroll him in Georgia Pre-K, I had no worries (as daycare was our norm). This time, I feel nervous for some…

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Add These Things To Your Spring Cleaning List

January 12, 2019

Welcome to one of my favorite times of the year: January. I have always loved the feeling I get in January, after the Christmas decorations are put away and we get to start with a blank slate. This is the time of year that I purge, organize, and most importantly- CLEAN. Not only do I clean, but I "Spring Clean". To me, that just means doing all the things I do less frequently. Admittedly, cleaning isn't my favorite- but a…

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2018 Blog Report + Reader Survey

December 31, 2018

I can't believe we are here again, already! Another year has come and gone and Typical Katie is still going strong. It's hard to imagine people caring what I have to say, but I am more grateful than you'll ever know! We are closing out with a bang this year, and I thought I would catch you up.…

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4 Holiday Traditions We Celebrate In Our Family

December 23, 2018

Christmas Lights Looking Every year, we have a long night of driving around looking at Christmas lights. Before we go, though, we have a routine. First, we make a pot of chili for dinner. Then, everyone gets in their PJs. Next, we make homemade hot chocolate and put it in everyone’s “to-go” cups. After that, we set out on our pre-planned route of local neighborhoods with the best lights. Cinnamon Rolls on Christmas Morning Every year, no matter what the…

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