Best Swimsuits For Curvy Women

May 2, 2018

Ladies! I’m getting a lost of requests for the best swimsuits for curvy women. This post is for you. I’ve been posting a lot of swimwear lately (and there is still more to come). I will update this post all throughout swimsuit season, so don’t worry if you don’t see something you like, yet. I’m “plus size”, on the tall side, and busty. I also have kind of a long torso. Finding a good suit is always a challenge! I am trying suits from lots of places including small shops, so you are sure to see something you like (I hope).

So far, these have been my favorite. I will link them below the photo. Happy shopping, and check back in a few weeks for updates!

My Stats:


208 lbs

Bra size: 38 E

Pant size: 14-16

Swimsuits For All (wearing size 18)

Swimsuits For All (wearing size 16)

Swimsuits For All (wearing size 16)

Swimsuits For All (wearing size 18)

Red Dolly Swim (wearing size XL)

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