Being a Good Mom

Just a reminder…

Being a good mom looks like admitting you’re stumped and researching your way to solutions.

Being a good mom sometimes looks like being brave enough to ask for and accept help. ⠀

Being a good mom is setting your alarm to take your meds and having the strength to follow through with a treatment plan that you wish you didn’t need.⠀

Being a good mom might mean ending a romantic relationship that isn’t a healthy demonstration of love.

Being a good mom might be taking more breaks alone than someone else in your Instagram feed who probably doesn’t have the same self-care needs that you do. ⠀

Being a good mom means turning off the FB mom groups, information overload and conflicting rhetoric and doing exactly what you know is best for your family. ⠀

Being a good mom might mean flipping a table here and there to advocate for moms everywhere.

You are the mitochondria of the family cell. You are the “load bearing” wall of the house.

Your happiness and health is what your children need. What that looks like for you and your family is no one else’s business.⠀

Motherhood is a challenging journey that is often further complicated by past traumas and mental health diagnoses. It’s a daily battle that can easily leave us feeling like failures.

Remember that no matter what anyone else wants you to think, you’re a good mom.

And so am I.

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