Atlanta Eyelash Extensions with Lash Out

March 9, 2017

Thank you, Kalia, for gifting me this service so that I could share this post.

I did a thing! I got eyelash extensions! You should know that I have no eyelashes. Like, none. I have super short blonde eyelashes, so if I am not wearing makeup I look dead. (No offense to the dead.) I feel like all of my friends have tried eyelash extensions and I have wanted to try them for so long! I have been so busy that I have kind of forgotten about it, but also skeptical of how to find a quality lash artist. Sometimes it seems like that market is saturated with people who claim to be a lash professional.

If I can recommend anything for finding ANY service, it’s always to read tons of reviews and look for photos. I scoured the internet (mostly Instagram and Yelp) to look for the best of the best in my area (metro-Atlanta). It was easy to see after just a few minutes that Kalia from Lash Out was highly sought after.

I scrolled through dozens of amazing before/after photos, marveling at her work and awestruck over the compliments from her clients. She seemed to be a perfectionist, and when dealing with my eyelashes, I kind of feel like that should be a requirement. Yes?

I got in touch and we made my appointment. She helped me decide was length and volume to choose to achieve the natural look I was going for. The process itself was very clean and Kala took her time making sure everything was perfect. If anything, I kept slowing us down because I kept cracking up about random things. All in all, the full set of lashes took about two hours to finish. When I looked in the mirror I was floored!

The best part about having lash extensions is that I don’t have to worry about looking dead when I leave the house. That, AND, when I do want to do a full face of makeup- I can totally skip eyes, which shortens my routine a ton.

If you are thinking of getting lash extensions and you are in the Atlanta area, you have to contact Kalia at Lash Out. You will absolutely love what she can do for you! Have you tried extensions? What did you think?

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