Affordable Ways to Change Up Your Decor

If you ask my husband, he will tell you that I have serious decorating ADD. I can’t stand having anything the same for too long, and I love experimenting with different arrangements. Since most of us can’t afford to buy new sets of furniture every six months, I have come up with some inexpensive and simple tips for never getting bored with your decor. 

Move things to another room.

If you are getting bored with your arrangement and have already tried it a few different ways, try swapping some things out for another room. Use your desk as an entryway table, or a pretty dresser as a dining room buffet! I have rugs, lamps, and furniture that have lived in multiple rooms. It’s always fun to “repurpose” a piece by giving it a different function.

Keep a blank canvas.

Try and keep your walls a light, neutral color that would match cool or warm decor tones. This will open up the space and provide endless possibilities for decorating. Choosing a paint color you can keep forever no matter how your decor style evolves is the best bet.

Don’t commit to/invest in a color scheme.

I like to keep all my staple items neutral. When I say staple I mean the man furniture, area rug, etc. Some will disagree with that, but it works for me and here’s why. I like to change up my accents so frequently, that I can’t possibly pour money into colorful staple pieces several times. It’s easy to change color schemes as many times as your heart desires if you do it right. With wall art, throw pillows, trays, and plants- you can move through many themes without breaking the bank!

Think outside the box.

Don’t rule something out because you didn’t find it in the decor section of the store. Some of my favorite, most inexpensive things with the most compliments wouldn’t be considered decor… until I made them that way. From an antique cheese grater to self-dried florals to pretty books, to broken lamps with no shades. Your imagination is the limit to what you can do for little to no cash.

Use posters as wall art.

Posters are my newest favorite thing to decorate with. The thing about posters is that they are affordable enough to change up when you are tired of them. The other thing I like, is that they don’t HAVE to be framed. There are other ways to hang them! I got several posters from to create a gallery wall that I hung with washi tape. It looks so chic, was easy, didn’t traumatize my walls, and I won’t feel bad about taking them down when I get bored again. Another way to hang them is with clips!

Do you have any tips to add? Have you tried decorating with posters?

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