Adulting 101: The Importance Of Life Insurance As Your Family Grows

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I wrote a little about life insurance a few weeks ago, but it’s such an important “adulting” conversation to have. It’s one of those subjects we tend to skirt around and avoid. No one wants to talk about death and hypothetical tragedy, but it’s so important to have all your ducks in a row. We recently had a death in the family and it was another reminder that loved ones passing away is a natural part of life and should be prepared for just like any other major event.

The family inside your four walls is of the highest priority, so it’s key to know all the options that are out there to make sure everyone is getting the best benefit in the most affordable way.

Younger families are probably least likely to start thinking about life insurance. Not only does it seem like something that people usually contemplate in older age, families just starting out are probably weighing all their financial needs and prioritizing in other ways. Maybe they are saving for a home, their kids’ education, or even just living paycheck to paycheck. That said, this is truly the best time to start thinking about life insurance options.

Fun fact: did you know that there are life insurance plans that you can buy for your baby and will grow with them through life? Not only does it typically give you the opportunity to lock in a lower rate, but there are options that can help guarantee them lifelong benefits. For example, whole life insurance remains in effect your entire life as long as you pay the premiums and don’t cancel or surrender it, but it’s more expensive.

Visit COUNTRY Financial to learn to more about all the options available and help deciding which is the best for your growing family. Have you started thinking about life insurance yet?

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