A Friendly Reminder That You Are Always Enough

I got a notification today in my email that the company who does official marathon photos was having another sale. This happens every few months. ⠀

A few days after the race in November I had chosen one or two digital photos to download and was disappointed there were not any of me crossing the finish line. For whatever reason today I clicked the sale to see if there were any I missed that I might want to download (feeling a little nostalgic for the best day of my life and all). ⠀

To my surprise there were a handful of photos of me crossing the finish line. They must have been added later than the last time I checked. I’m so happy to have this photograph I don’t know how to explain it to you guys. Nothing will ever duplicate the emotions I felt at that second. ⠀

As I finish up my book, which incorporates the journey through the marathon, I am inspired to remind you of something. ⠀

Sometimes life does not make any sense. ⠀

Sometimes it feels like it’s dark and you’re tired and afraid and all the spectators have gone home. ⠀

Sometimes it feels like no one is cheering for you. ⠀

But I need you to know that you can still make it across the finish line. ⠀

You are all you need. ⠀

You are enough.

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