A 34th Birthday To Remember

My best friend in the world (and my assistant since last year) said she needed to come to Atlanta to bring me my gift for my birthday. I’m always happy to see her but definitely confused (she lives 5 hours away).⠀

She showed up with a big box and I opened it to see a gorgeous walnut Crosley turntable. I was so pumped, I’ve been dying for one. But….that wasn’t even the big gift.⠀

In comes DOZENS of boxes. I was stunned. She networked through my closest friends and family (not an easy feat). She told everyone to send a record that meant something to our specific friendship, an artist I love, or just a classic that everyone needs in their collection.⠀

I can’t put into words what this meant to me. I have over thirty vinyl records to start my collection, but more than that- they all have sentiment and special meaning. ⠀

Today is my actual 34th birthday and I’m so full of love and joy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Jessica and every single friend who participated and gave me such an unforgettable gift. I’m floored.

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