6 First World Apps For The Millenial Mom

Before the critics come out in droves, I realize that this post *screams* first world problems, so bear with me.

It’s might sound dramatic, but I really can’t imagine not having the apps that make my life SO much easier. I have three kids and work a full time business from home. Anything that saves me time and makes life more convenience is winning in my book. I am in a season of life where I am trying to avoid all the extra stress and headache. Thankfully, some geniuses came out with apps that bring things right to our fingertips. Without further ado…

1. Shipt

This app is my lifeline. I am OBSESSED with Shipt. I pay the yearly delivery fee, which means my grocery orders always have free delivery if they are over $35. Shipt associates are the nicest people who always go above and beyond. Compared to Instacart, Shipt customer service is just five steps above. I use them at least weekly, probably more.

2. Zeel

Have you ever wanted a massage but not wanted to fight traffic or deal with leaving the house? Zeel sends a massage therapist to your home. Yep, they bring almost everything you need. My therapist came and set up her table at the foot of my bed and I barely had to do a thing. It was heavenly!

3. uSit

This gem is only available in a couple of cities (luckily Atlanta is one!). All you do is post what day/time you are looking for along with your family details. You can search for a sitter and view their information, rating and reviews from other parents. They are background checked and verified through the service. It pays them automatically through Paypal. Genius!

4. Lawnstarter

This is literally the best thing that has happened to me I swear! Basically, it’s an app where you set up lawn care service and local companies can bid and take the job. It’s very affordable and easy to skip a mow or pause til Spring.

5. Door Dash

I actually prefer Door Dash to other food delivery apps! They seem to be more reliable, lower fees, bigger selection, and great customer service if there is a mistake. Highly recommend.

6. Starbucks

Plan and order your drinks through the app and simply pick them up at the window for the ultimate introvert move. Sometimes I have complicated orders and it makes me nervous to scream it all through the speaker, so the app is my best friend.

What apps do you rely on?! Give me all the tips to be lazier. Just kidding. Kind of…

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