5 Tips and Tricks To Relieve Colic

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Lincoln must be my good karma, because he is actually a dream. For the most part, he’s a very pleasant baby. He sleeps well already, he is rarely upset, and he is consistent with his moods so far. However, every now and then, he is a little hard to settle and seems to have an achy tummy. As much as I adore my sweet Charlie, she was quite the opposite. She was my colicky baby. It seemed like she was always uncomfortable.

Colic is thought to be abdominal pain in small babies, but there is still much that is unknown in regards to origin and other specifics. From about three weeks to about four months of age, Charlie cried screamed at the top of her lungs for several hours at a time. It was textbook colic. Nothing was a guaranteed cure, but there were a few things that helped some.

1 | White Noise

Adult grade white noise is proven to physiologically calm the nervous system. When any of my babies were uncomfortable or inconsolable, white noise was one of the first things I would introduce to calm the atmosphere for them.

2 | Posterior Swinging

This is kind of hard to explain, but imaging holding your baby, stomach down- laying flat on your forearm so that you can pat them on the back and swing them from side to side. This is a common position that can provide some relief.

3 | Swaddling

Colic can be a nasty cycle of abdominal pain causing crying which causes more frustration and overstimulation. In small babies, swaddling is really effective in calming their nervous system by muffling their Moro reflex. Remember that they just spent nine months cozy and snug in a ball inside their warm womb home. Sometimes swaddling can take the edge off, too.

4 | Focusing on Baby’s Gut Health

On the theory that colic could be linked to gut health and abdominal discomfort, gas drops are your best friend. When any of my friends have babies, I make sure these are in the gift bag. There is nothing worse than needing them at 3 a.m. and not having any in the house. If the fussiness is in fact caused by gas pains, it’s a miracle worker. I love Mommy’s Bliss gas relief Simethicone drops. They work nearly instantly, are free of dyes, and they seem to taste great! In conjunction, Mommy’s Bliss just released infant probiotics. I am a huge believer in probiotics for my kids and myself, so why not focus on baby’s gut health, too? They have several varieties depending on the age of your infant. Lincoln is actually taking the probiotic drops + vitamin D (which is recommended for exclusively breastfed infants by my pediatrician). Their website has a ton of information, so check it out. I got my drops at Target.

I swear by this stuff and was honored to be able to partner with them for this post. Do you have a favorite product for new moms? Did your baby have colic?

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