5 Other Ways to Use Muslin Swaddles


Having a baby this time around was different in a lot of ways. The rules are different, the research is different, and there are a ton of baby products that weren’t around when Grayson was born, six years ago. This has been a little too much fun for me. One of the things that weren’t really a “thing” back then, were muslin swaddles. Now, they are SUPER popular. While I was pregnant with Charlie, I realized why! They are light, comfy, and come in a million different trendy prints. I may or may not have ended up with close to twenty swaddles in the nursery before Charlie ever even made it earth side. Yikes.

I haven’t bought any new swaddles since Charlie was still “swaddling age”, so I was looking forward to all the new ways I would be able to use them on an older baby like Charlie. Without further ado, here are a few ways to use them!


1 | Changing Barrier

Undoubtedly, your baby will have a blowout while you are browsing shoes at Nordstrom, at someone’s fancy house, or out to eat with the fam. You might be cool with the changing tables in public restroom but it grosses me the heck out. Lay down a swaddle, then you can fold it up small and stuff it in the bottom of your diaper bag.

2 | Sun Shade in the Car

This has been a lifesaver for me! Nothing interrupts a peaceful car nap like the sun beating down on the baby’s face. You can tie a corner around the handle above the car door and drape it around the car seat for a perfect sun shade.

3 | Nursing Cover

The swaddles are so large that it is very easy to tie two corners in a knot and throw it over your head to create a drape that stays put while you are nursing. It’s lightweight enough that it doesn’t bother Charlie that she has a cover over her. I’m all about nursing in public, but I’m still more comfortable if I am covered.

4 | Burp Cloth AKA Snot Wiper and Vomit Catcher

This is kind of self explanatory. I use swaddles as the quintessential all-purpose clean up tool. They can basically be folded into a variety of sizes to suit your needs. I have been known to grab one up to wipe a nose, or throw one over my shoulder to catch spit up.

5 | Teether Tether

The corner of a swaddle can easily be tied in a knot around a teething ring or Sophie’s leg for easy access. Charlie loves to snuggle with a swaddle while being able to chew on her favorite toys. That makes her sound like a puppy. But. She kind of is like a puppy.

Besides all these uses, swaddles are great for, well, SWADDLING. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Here’s a great tutorial on how to swaddle. Babies love to be swaddled while they are transitioning to life outside the womb. These swaddles get softer with every wash and they come in a variety of cute prints. I love my gender neutral/monochrome styles. I also love that they are available for individual purchase so that you don’t have to commit to a set.

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