4th Shark-themed birthday party

Party table at a shark-themed birthday party, shows a cake, cupcakes, and happy birthday garland.

It should come as absolutely no surprise to you that my cute and quirky youngest chose “shark” as his 4th birthday party theme. His entire request was to have a birthday cake with shark toys on it, that he could “clean off and keep forever.” Consider. It. Done. We kept his party super simple, with immediate family and close family friends in attendance. I didn’t get any photos of the backyard setup, but what would a summer birthday party be without water play and bubbles? Here are some of my favorite photos of the day and my favorite Amazon picks for a shark-themed birthday party.

A television showing a shark coming out of water with the word JAWSOME displayed in balloons underneath the mantle.

It was a pretty “jawsome” coincidence that his party landed on Shark Week. We had Discovery playing quietly in the background.

Katie Crenshaw and her son, Lincoln, at his 4th birthday party. He's holding out a shark toy and they're both smiling.
A balloon shark with a birthday hat and happy birthday banner.
A birthday boy smiling and opening his gift.
A closeup of birthday cakes with blue frosting and a coconut cake with two shark toys and a 4 candle on top.
A smiling shark balloon and birthday party favors of Swedish fish and balloons.

We kept party favors simple, with each friend receiving a box of Swedish Fish and bubbles to take with them. Mostly the kids just ran in and out, playing and laughing. Lincoln shared his gifts with the littler kids, and they all played happily together. And what would a shark-themed birthday party be without wearable fins and a plush shark hat?

The birthday boy wearing a shark hat and fin, holding a balloon while his dad looks at him.

Favorite Amazon Finds for a Shark-Themed Birthday Party

For more party ideas, here’s a look back at Lincoln’s first and Charlie’s third joint fiesta themed birthday party.

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