4 Holiday Traditions We Celebrate In Our Family

Christmas Lights Looking

Every year, we have a long night of driving around looking at Christmas lights. Before we go, though, we have a routine. First, we make a pot of chili for dinner. Then, everyone gets in their PJs. Next, we make homemade hot chocolate and put it in everyone’s “to-go” cups. After that, we set out on our pre-planned route of local neighborhoods with the best lights.

Cinnamon Rolls on Christmas Morning

Every year, no matter what the meal plans are for the rest of the day, we do cinnamon rolls for breakfast.

Lights for Christmas Morning

This is something my mom always did for us as kids and I remember it being so magical. On Christmas Eve, after Santa comes, we string up extra Christmas lights in a “tacky” sort of way all over the living room. From the ceiling fan to the tops of bookshelves, the overhead of the room would be glowing with magical bright colored lights. Then, when the kids wake up- the only light in the house is the canopy of Christmas lights.

All The Fires And Snuggling

This is probably less holiday specific than the others, but we are really making it a point this year to have more fires in the fire place, more Christmas movie marathons, and more cozy blanket time. This lovely rug and blanket pictured are from Lorena Canals. Lorena Canals is famous for their machine washable rugs. This is the third one I have owned and I swear by them, especially with messy kids. While I already love their rugs, this is the first of their throw blankets I’ve owned, and it’s my new favorite EVER. It’s so soft and the perfect size.

Christmas Pajamas

Every year, the kids get matching Christmas PJs to open on Christmas Eve. This is something that even I used to get as a kid and I loved those memories.

I encourage you to start your own traditions, big or small. I know that these are things that everyone in the family will remember for years to come.

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