22 Inspiring Black Female Creatives You Need To Know About

So much of my inspiration is found through other women creatives. As a writer, storyteller, and creator myself- I often look to entrepreneurial and brilliant women for motivation. My platform of choice for eye candy? Instagram, of course! In honor of February being Black History Month, I thought it would be fun to introduce you to some ladies that embody the #BlackGirlMagic hashtag. I am inspired daily by these women and all of their work. You can follow the photo to their Instagram accounts where you can click that follow button, and find their other digital mediums and see what else they’re up to.

While this is a light and casual post, I (as an ally-in-progress) want to challenge you to not only think about how rad these women are, and not even only to follow them on the internet, but to also SUPPORT their work. Commission their services. Publicly share their presence with the world.

They deserve it.

Aaronica Cole | @thecrunchymommy

Patricia Taylor | @lifeofaministermom

Raven Alexis | @raven.alexis

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Arkeedah McCormick | @itsarkeedah

Brittany Bertuzzi | @sidelinesocialite

Erica Campbell | @aimingforaugust

Lashawn Wiltz | @lashawnwiltz

Aleshea Carriere | @glitzngrits

Natasha Brown | @natashaburnsbrown

Shae Anthony | @skoopehome

Shay Sweeney | @shaymone

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Jaz Daigle | @andallthatjazie

Onyi Azih | @sincerelyonyi

Marquita | @tribeonaquest

Dani Faust | @thedanifaust

Brandy Gueary | @authentically.b

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Monica Awe-Etuk | @awedbymoni

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Anya Bazzell | @surgeryandthecity

Melissa Drake | @resplendentlyliving

Stephanie Jackson | @stephtaylorjackson

Sarah Lampley | @sarahlampley

Aseky Bonnaire | @asekyb

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Courtney Blacher | @worldinfourdays

Who would you add to this list?

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