15 Random Things I learned in 2021

Welcome to this reflective and very scattered list of 15 Random Things I Learned in 2021.

1. There is no suitable dupe for AirPod pros. I tried.

2. Not to be so fused with hustle culture that the bottom falls out of your self-worth when life forces you to slow down.

3. That nowhere makes me feel happier or more grounded than the Pacific Northwest.

4. Healthy relationships are a lot more work than unhealthy ones, but worth the effort.

5. States make standard divorce guidelines/protocol super complicated and not conducive to big blended families and parties who end amicably on flexible terms. Sad but makes sense I guess.

6. Group therapy: an unexpected gift.

7. Hair extensions should definitely not be done in August if you’re already hot all the time as it is.

8. Middle school parenting is a strong contender against the trenches of infancy.

9. Sloths apparently have algae on their skin and that fuels my argument against their cUtEnEsS.

10. Barista-ing is actually very complicated and difficult and I’m in over my head with my fancy machine.

11. To never go to a nail salon without reading reviews.

12. You can find honest answers and crowdsourced info to ANYTHING on Reddit. It’s better than Google.

13. You can get through an airport with no ID if you have bag full of psych prescriptions with your name on them, a couple random credit cards, and a real panicky voice if the TSA agent is having a good day.

14. TikTok is the superior creative platform.

15. I can survive… literally anything.

What’s something random you learned? Big or small. I want to know!

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