10 Creative Ways To Use Baby Wipes

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One of the first beauties of motherhood is realizing how many things you can use baby wipes for. Sleep deprivation, lack of time to get anything done and sheer laziness can really spark your imagination. The possibilities are literally limitless and I think of more all the time. I don’t feel guilty about using baby wipes everywhere for everything, and yes, that includes diaper changes! Another piece of advice, STOCK UP. Buy the big box. There is nothing quite as awful as not having wipes when you need them. Without further ado, here are ten of the infinite ways to use your wipes.

1 | Dusting

Ahh, dusting. My least favorite chore. Well, one of my least favorites. One of the things I hate about dusting is when dust flies everywhere while trying to remove it! It’s so frustrating. Dusting with baby wipes, however, is much more effective. The dampness makes the dust cling to the wipe! So easy.

2 | Removing Makeup

I am the laziest person ever when it comes to washing my face. It’s such a pain to take off my makeup at night when I am tired and don’t feel like splashing water all over myself and the bathroom. Wipes are the easy way to take off all the makeup in a few swipes. The added bonus to using baby wipes instead of “makeup remover wipes” is that they are cheaper.

3 | Sealing Envelopes

I thought of this genius hack while in the carpool line one day. I had a stack of invitations to mail out and was looking for something to keep me busy in the car. I thought, “hmm, I wish I had a sponge and some water in here so I could seal these envelopes…” EUREKA! I had wipes! It worked like a charm and I had 30 invitations sealed in 5 minutes.

4 | Detailing Your Car

This is another thing I am an extreme slacker on. I detail my car like once a year at best. If you are like me and don’t feel like dragging out the supplies to do this, wipes will be just fine. Trust me, I have everything from dust to applesauce, to spilled coffee on the surfaces of my car interior and it could really use a good wipe down.

5 | Cleaning Makeup Brushes

Obviously, makeup brushes need a full bath periodically. This hack is more for when you are done using a brush and need to wipe off the excess pigment right after you use it. Simply lay a wipe down on the counter and swirl your brush on it to clean it.

6 | Cleaning Shoes/Purses/Boots

Wipes are awesome on leather and faux leather! This includes car seats.

7 | Pet Care

Do your dogs get muddy paws outside? Do the get a sloppy snout when they eat? Keep some wipes handy to clean their paws before they jump on your couch or wipe their mouth before they head butt your white linen pants.

8 | Half Baths

Don’t act like you are fully showered with perfect hygiene. Santa doesn’t like liars. If you are a busy, tired mom like me- sometimes you don’t have time for the full shower (if you know what I mean). Wipes will do the job for that partial cleaning job you need to do before the parent-teacher conference at 5:00.

9 | Removing Nail Polish

Out of cotton balls? Use a wipe! In fact, I think they do a BETTER job and aren’t as drying to your cuticles. That’s just me.

10 | Wound Care

Nothing makes my kid scream louder or kick me harder than when I try and clean a scraped knee. Paper towels and washcloths are so scratchy! It’s still not going to be fun, but if you have to clean a scrape, I have found that a baby wipe is gentle and efficient. Try it next time!

What have YOU used baby wipes for?




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    chelsea jacobs
    October 26, 2016 at 11:01 am

    They’re seriously good for everything!

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    November 4, 2016 at 10:31 am

    I wouldn’t have thought of the envelope trick! That’s a good one! 🙂

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